Welcome to Backward Classes Parishad

Sub : Seeking membership to our Backward Classes Parishad to eradicate corruption in elections and promote accountable and functional democracy and secularism

About the Backward Classes Parishad (BCP) : Backward Classes Parishad is a Society for the welfare and empowerment of BCs and it draws its WILL from its General Body Meeting (GBM) from each village / Municipal Ward, mandal / tahsil, district, state and all India level. GBM consist of all its members that forecasts, plans and coordinates the socio-economic advancement of the BCs, BC Muslims & BC Christians.

The General Body Meeting elects its Village / Ward Executive Committee members i.e., President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Secretaries, Jt Secretary and Treasure (one committee each for its sub caste of BCs, Muslims and Christians) also elects its 5 delegates from the Village/Ward GBM each of whom shall represent the Mandal GBM, Division (Parliament Constituency) GBM, District GBM, State GBM and All India GBM and elect their respective Committee at for a period of one year. Each committee from village/Ward to all India level addresses BCs objectives in their respective jurisdiction and works for the all round development of BCs, Muslims & Christians through the constitutional means.